Take a Look at Destiny’s Exodus Blue Map

Destiny Exodus blue

Destiny is less than a week away (cue screams of utter delight) and as the release day gets closer and closer Bungie are releasing more videos to show us just what we have to look forward to. In the latest video we get a look at a new multiplayer map called Exodus Blue. This map takes place on Old Russia on planet Earth and it looks like it has that signature Bungie design.

If you watch the video you will recognise some aspects of the area from the Alpha and Beta, but the PvP aspect to it does bring a whole new dimension. The map will cater for 3 vs. 3 and 6 vs. 6 play on one of the five different multiplayer modes. There is one catch however, this map will be a timed exclusive (it’s the new rage) on PlayStation consoles until Spring 2015. So if you are hoping to play on this awesome-looking map, you will have to get the game on PlayStation 3 or 4.

To be honest, whether you are going to play on this map or not, it’s still a pretty cool video to watch as you get a couple of pointers for multiplayer along the way, so check it out. Oh, and let us know what console you are planning to get Destiny on and your thoughts on timed exclusive content.

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