Prediction Time – Will Consoles Exist in 10 Years?


Hello and welcome everybody, it’s Prediction Time again. For those that have the memory of a goldfish, Prediction Time is a feature where I ask the SA Gamer crew what they think will happen on a certain topic. As you can see from the title, this month I asked them whether they think consoles will exist in 10 years time? Let’s take a look a the responses:


I honestly don’t think consoles will be around in 10 years, and if they are, I doubt I’ll be able to afford it. I think controllers will be a thing of the past. I expect a lot more gesturing and hand-waving, but that’s probably because I’m obsessed with Sci-fi. (Jarred: Nintendo and Kinect fans will be so happy to hear that Kyle.)


Yes. I remember people saying that consoles will be dead today, 10 years ago. Consoles ain’t going anywhere. There will always be a market for the plug-and-play ease of use consoles brings with it. (Jarred: The Master Race disagree with you Dawid)


I think that some form of console will always be around and certainly in ten years’ time. I think everything is going VR and the consoles will be the hub of the experience. I think controllers, as we know it, might not be around anymore, but certainly consoles. If you look at the size of some of the GPU’s out on the market and compare them to the GPU’s from a decade ago, they certainly haven’t gotten much smaller. I think in ten years’ time they will be greatly reduced but some system will still need to house all that graphics powering goodness (Jarred: all David cares about ARE GRAPHICS), it might just be much smaller than the consoles of today.


Consoles have changed drastically over the past few generations.  Look at the Xbox One and PlayStation 4; they’ve essentially become  more PC than conventional consoles haven’t they? Could consoles eventually just become a PC that gets attached to our TV screens? I doubt it. In 10 years from now everyone you know will probably play games and the ‘next big innovation’ is going to be around the corner. We’ll probably be looking at the PlayStation 6 and XBox (**insert naming convention here**) launch and, who knows, maybe Nintendo will also be making home consoles (Perhaps they will bring out the next Leapfrog version for kiddies…) at that stage. Consoles are here to stay and we’ll see them in some or other reiteration in 10 years time, of that I have no doubt.


I think consoles will be around in some form or other. I agree with Dawid in that the convenience factor will always be there, but the pricing isn’t exactly going to get lower so that might affect things. My opinion? Much like what is going on with the Sony TV’s and such where you can stream games straight onto the tv, the others will follow suit. So we will have console games, but they won’t exist quite like they do today. So long as I don’t have to fight with PC’s I don’t mind.

That’s it from us, let us know in the comments what you think about the topic. Consoles here to stay long term, or are they a dying breed?

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