Destiny Via Remote Play Is Looking Good

Destiny remote play

We are almost there girls and guys. Destiny launches tomorrow and the long wait is finally at its end. If you are not excited yet then I am sure you are about to be as the clock ticks down until release. The excitement is just TOO MUCH!

Anyway, before we get carried away with excitement, and I am unable to write coherent sentences, I want to draw your attention to the video below. You will know, of course, that if you have a PS Vita you are able to play any PS4 games using remote play as the game streams to your Vita. It works really well in just about anything that I have tried thus far and Destiny is not going to be an exception to that.

The video below shows just how it looks on PS Vita remote play as well as some of the control changes that you will need to get used to if you are going to be using it at all. It looks pretty intuitive in terms of controls and it runs so smoothly on the PS Vita’s glorious little screen. Appears we won’t lose much at all in terms of the prettiness of it all. Check out the video below to kill some time before tomorrow’s big release!

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