eSports is not a sport says ESPN boss


When it comes to gaming we’ve all fought very hard to be accepted by the general public. If you were in gamer in the 80’s and early 90’s you’ll know that gaming was not ‘cool’ at all. Thanks to the PS1 that concept all changed and gaming has become an entertainment form enjoyed by the masses. eSports now finds itself in that position. We all KNOW that eSports is just that – a sport (I mean, there are teams that are managed and follow healthy diets and exercising routines to compete in the sports). The top dog at ESPN thinks otherwise.

ESPN President, John Skipper, spoke at a Code/Media Series: New York conference and told the crowd exactly what he thought about eSports:

[quote]It’s not a sport — it’s a competition.

Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition.

Mostly, I’m interested in doing real sports.[/quote]

Looks like the gaming world will have to prove itself further to other naysayers. I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem. Once he sees where the ‘money’ is heading in eSports in the next few years he’ll want a piece of that $$$ action.

Source: Recode

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