Frozen Synapse Prime Coming Soon, Looks Awesome!

Frozen Synapse Prime

One of the best turn-based strategy games was released a little while back on PC and some mobile devices. That game is called Frozen Synapse and everyone who played it seemed to rave about it. It’s the kind of game you will spend hours on, despite its simple presentation. As the PS Vita is pretty much an Indie machine it’s no surprise that the game is coming out on Vita now.

Frozen Synapse Prime is the Vita version of the game and promises to have everything that made the original great, and so much more. We also have a release date now with the game coming out on 23 September with the option to buy the soundtrack as well. The trailer below gives a nice idea of what the game is all about, so check it out and put it on your wishlist if you have a Vita… or your watchlist, so you know when it comes to PS+ for free.

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