Welcome Back Claire Redfield!


New details about the next Resident Evil game is starting to surface, and it sounds so good. Looks like Claire Redfield is back in action in Resident Evil Revelations 2. Joining her is Barry Burton’s daughter, Moira, who will be Claire’s co-op support for the game. According to a post on IGN, the news broke when details of the game were published in the latest issue of GamesMaster magazine.

The details also say that the game takes place between the events of RE5 and RE6, and will include a new set of enemies called “the Afflicted.” The game takes place in a detention facility on an abandoned and remote island (aren’t they all?). However, Claire and Moira aren’t there on vacation, as the two have been kidnapped and dumped there for some or other reason. Unlike the recent spate of RE games, this one will return to it’s survival horror roots, which is great way of saying “good luck finding ammo!”

I’m really happy to hear that I can play as Claire again. I got really bored playing Chris over and over again, so a change really is needed. I hope Moira is great character in her own right, but I guess we’ll have to wait for more details to surface. For now, what do you think about playing Clair once again? Are you excited?

Source: IGN 

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