PES 2015 Demo Delayed, Kind of

PES delay

So the PES demo is going around and people are raving non stop about it. Now I love the PES series, I was somewhat of a PES fanboy previously, but FIFA has worked its way back into my life over the last few years. Especially after the poor showing that was PES 2013 I kind of lost faith with the series.

But things have changed. There is lots of excitement around this year’s game following Gamescom and early thoughts on the demo is that it is quite excellent. Sadly, it has been delayed for the European regions, which includes us. So no demo yet with no mention of a date just yet. If, like me, you want to get around this and play it anyway, just create a Hong Kong account on PSN and download it there. It’s just over 2gb to download if you do that.

If you aren’t keen for that 5 minute set up, listen out for a new demo date, and get it then. Should be worthwhile so don’t hate on it before giving it a go.

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