Uncharted 4’s Lead Designer Shares A Close-Up Image of Drake

Uncharted 4

Looking for some next gen Nathan Drake material? Well guess what, the lead designer at Naughty Dog Studious recently tweeted an image (of an image) of our favourite treasure hunter. It’s still early days and not much is known about Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, but we’ll grab whatever news we can get.

Here’s the original tweet:


The image is very close-up and a little blurry, but it looks damn impressive. I don’t really see the same Drake as I did in the teaser trailer though, in fact, his face has changed significantly from his PS3 glory days. The game does take place quite a few years after Uncharted 3, but ageing shouldn’t have that effect on him. Having said that, it’s amazing to see things like his stubble, his pores and wrinkles. It’s incredibly life-like and believable. And according to the people in the comments section, he looks like Charlie Sheen… and I regretfully agree. Not sure about you, but I for one certainly can’t wait for the day this game gets a trailer and to see Victor “God Damn” Sullivan again.

Source: Game Informer



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