PS Plus will nearly double in price – only in South Africa


If you’re a happy PS Plus subscriber you’re not going to be all that happy any more. According to a recent email we received the price of PS Plus will nearly double from what you’ve paid in the past. This here straight from the mail:

Due to various market conditions, the price of your PlayStation Plus subscription is going to rise slightly. On 01/10/2014 the price of a 12 month subscription will rise from ZAR489.00 to ZAR749.00.

If your PlayStation Plus account is set to renew automatically you don’t need to do anything. You won’t begin paying the new rate immediately on 01/10/2014; instead you will start paying the new price from your first renewal date after 01/10/2014.

So far it looks like this is only a South African increase as the rest of the world is yet to report anything. This also comes after the digital games comparison between PlayStation and Xbox titles on the respective stores locally where there are major differences in prices. If that’s not a stab in your back then we’re not quite sure what is. Xbox Live Gold will remain at the same cost. #justsaying

As far as we’re aware the UK are in charge of the local PS Store, so perhaps you should point your pitchforks into another direction.

You can buy a 365 day PS Plus sub right here for R470 while stocks last.


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