Your Logitech steering wheel won’t work in Driveclub


If you’ve been a Logitech supporter since the PS2 days that might come to an abrupt end. If you were planning to use your trusty Logitech steering wheel (one of the many versions) in Driveclub, as you did when moving from PS2 to PS3, you’re in for a rude awakening. It won’t work. Sony confirmed via the EU PS Blog that it will only support Thrustmaster wheels for Driveclub at launch. The T80 and T300RS wheels in particular.

Community manager, Jami Brayshaw, had this to say:

[quote]We’ve been working really closely with Thrustmaster on their new T80 and T300RS wheels, to make sure that they’re perfectly tuned for DriveClube and the PS4

We’ll continue to add support for other manufacturers’ wheels as and when they become compatible with the PS4[/quote]

There’s a reason for this change. There’s a chip that’s required to play PS4 games and the Logitech wheels of old does not have it on-board. This is what was tweeted over a month ago from Logitech:

Here’s the problem, as far as we’re aware Thrustmaster is no longer available in South Africa, which means you won’t be playing it with a wheel at all locally.

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