New 3DS and 3DS XL Are Selling Well in Japan

New 3DS LL SA Gamer

Looks like Nintendo’s latest “remastered” handheld is actually making them some money, as over 230 000 units have been sold since it launched in Japan just a few days ago. So far the New 3DS XL is proving to be the more popular console of choice, with over 172 000 units sold – a good starting point for any new handheld. It’s not available locally and no exact release date has been mentioned, but there’s no doubt in my mind that people won’t buy it. I do think Nintendo should have given it a different name to separate it from the rest, mainly because people will get confused, especially if video games is not their area of expertise and they’re buying a gift for someone.

Personally, I really need a new 3DS. The rubber on my analogue stick tore and it’s now falling apart. I’ve been itching to buy a 3DS XL for a while now, but I’m holding back out for the New 3DS XL (confusing, no?). What about you, will you buy a new console when it arrives?

Source: IGN

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