See Sony’s Share Play in Action!

share play

I must admit that I was impressed when Sony announced their Share Play idea. It might not be all that functional with our slow lines here but the idea is definitely an interesting one and one that I sincerely hope works out. The idea is that you can let any friend into your game no matter where they are and irrespective of whether they actually have the game.

So if you have, for example, a copy of The Last of Us, and your mate just cannot decide whether he wants to buy it or not, using Share Play he can jump straight into your game for a limited amount of time via streaming and check it out for himself. It’s kind of a nice way to demo a game before playing and there are a couple of options on how it will work.

The options include the ability to share your screen with a buddy which will allow them to watch you play the game. Secondly you can ‘pass your control’ to a friend and allow them to play the game for a time and try it out for themselves. They won’t even need PS+ for this! Thirdly, you can “pass a second control” to a friend and try out the game in multiplayer or co-op together. Pretty damn cool if you want to play a game like FIFA with a friend for a little bit without them having to buy the game.

The video below shows Share Play in action and it looks pretty impressive should it work as intended. The update on the PS4 hits tomorrow so we will soon know, but let us hear your thoughts on Share Play and if you think it will work.

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