Expect Battlefield 5 in 2016


Are you an avid Battlefield 4 fan and waiting for your next Battlefield fix that’s not Hardline? Your waiting time has just been extended. According to an IGN report that has been released by  Stern Agee, who deal with industry analytics, they sighted three reasons for this move.

Firstly it’s the obvious fact that Battlefield Hardline will already be launching in 2015, so you’ve, according to them, already got a Battlefield game incoming. Secondly, they are “feeling very confident” that Star Wars: Battlefront is going to be something very special, hence they don’t want the two titles to clash. Their last reason likely holds the most truth – they want to give Battlefield 5 all the time it requires so that they don’t run into the same launch (and post-launch) issues that we saw with Battlefield 4.

There’s been no word from EA yet but if it means the game will be great at launch you can sign us up.

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