What Games Are You Itching To Replay?


There are so many fantastic games out in the world that we’d love to play, but where’s the money for them and who has the time anyway? Then there’s this other little problem of wanting to revisit a game that we love so much, yet for some reason every time you get the urge to play it, something stops you in your tracks. I have so many games that I’d love to replay, however, I know I will not have the time to play another 40-hour game when I know I have a backlog of games to crack down on.

There is one game, though not particularly stellar, that has preoccupied my mind for some time now. I’ve been itching to replay Beyond: Two Souls for close to a few months. I keep telling Jarred that I’m going to play and I never do. Talk about being a broken record.

I have no idea why I want to replay the game, I just know that I have a burning desire to replay it. I doubt I ever will, and if I do play it, I’ll most likely play something else afterwards. For example, I nearly popped in the game this weekend, then I eyed GTA V and decided to give that game a go; now I’m loving GTA V even though I still have an imaginary woodpecker pecking on the “play Beyond: Two Souls” nerve.

So this got me thinking, do other people feel the same? We all have that one that we want to play again, but simply can’t find the time, or can’t justify spending a certain amount time that could’ve been used to play a new game. What’s your game, what are you itching to replay?

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