Females Are The “Master Race” In The USA

Female PC - SA Gamer

In a recent survey it has been found that in the US, women play more PC games than men. More specifically females tend to play more RPGs on PC, while men play more of the FPS and MMO genres. While the split is extremely close to 50/50, women represent 50.2 percent of PC gamers across all genres, this is inclusive of games on social media such as Facebook.

One might argue that if one disregards the “Facebook genre” of gaming the figures would be significantly different, but the point still remains; there are a lot more female gamers out there than what the stereotype portrays. Take into consideration that in the FPS and MMO genres, 66 percent of players in the US are men. Sure it’s more than woman but figures like these only prove that gaming isn’t the “guy only” industry that many make it out to be.

Source: PCGamer

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