This is what happened at the CoD: Advanced Warfare SA Friendly Invitational


Last night Megarom Interactive hosted a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Friendly Invitational for South Africa hosted in Johannesburg. SA Gamer, along with several other press members (and some lucky public attendees) had the opportunity to go head-to-head in a face off to the death. We got some hands-on with Capture the Flag, Uplink and Search and Destroy. What happened to us? Well… err… we came dead last. We’re sorry we failed you all (and we blame Jarred and so should you. It’s just so much easier pointing fingers at him).



Saying that, we had a fantastic time catching up with old friends in the business and also watching it through to the very end whereby those bastards our friends at Lazygamer went up against HTXT (or team ‘Jimmy’ as it was known) last night. In Capture the Flag mode Lazygamer all but destroyed HTXT, but when it came to Uplink (the military basketball-like mode) it was a much closer scenario. At the end however Lazygamer fended off the incoming threat (that would be ‘Jimmy’) and dropped him just before he could score the equalizing goal.


Well done to the Lazygamer crew, we’ll be back next year with some much-needed competitive gaming experience. Perhaps we’ll make it to Round 2! Thanks to Megarom and everyone who was involved in hosting the event. It was great fun to see some competitive gaming in the flesh. If you’re keen for something on the lighter side, you can check Kyle Puppet interviewing one or two people…

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