Bloodborne release date slips to end of March


Sony confirmed this morning that Bloodborne has been delayed to the end of March, which makes it close to a two-month delay. As with most delays it’s down to fine tuning the game before it’s released into the wild. Here’s what Sony had to say on their UK Blog:

[quote]Hi everyone. As many of you know, earlier this year we announced that our forthcoming PS4 game, Bloodborne, would launch in February 2015. Unfortunately, I’m here today to announce a short delay to the release date, as we need more time to deliver you the best possible final experience.

We were really grateful for all the player data and feedback we received from those who took part in our recent limited alpha test, and this extra development time will allow us to better integrate these learnings into the game.

Bloodborne is now set to launch in the PAL region exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 25th March, 2015 (and 28th March in UK and Ireland).[/quote]

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