Patch Patch Patch… Even GTA V needs one

GTA V Patch

If you missed it yesterday, you might want to give Dawid’s post on DLC and microtransactions a read (here). This bit of news goes hand in hand with some of what he is saying, in that we now see just about every game releasing with a day one patch (I mean update, which is totally different, right?).

Now it’s no offence to GTA, which everyone will no doubt love, it’s just another example of how games are released without being the full, final version. Rockstar have announced that there will be a day one update for GTA V on new-gen consoles that will include the last-minute fixes they put into the game. There’s no indication on the size of the file and it can be pre-downloaded along with the game if you are buying digitally. Hopefully it’s not a massive file on what is most likely a huge game (when it comes to file size) as it stands.

On the other hand of the coin, at least if things aren’t working well patches and updates are a great way of fixing things on the fly. It’s just a pity how reliant developers seem to have become on them.

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