DriveClub Making it up to you with free DLC

Driveclub DLC

Apart from that cricket game last year, which released on steam for a day before getting cancelled, there probably isn’t any game that has had such bad issues at launch as DriveClub. The PlayStation exclusive, which was delayed from launch, finally released with a whole host of problems making the online play useless. That’s a pretty big deal when a game’s major focus is online racing.

So to counter this and make it up to those who bought the game and haven’t been able to play it properly, the devs are going to be apologising with some free DLC in the form of ‘Premium packs”. These release at the end of November and will now cost nothing if you bought the game already. Evolution Studios say it will include the planned “Ignition Pack” and the “Photo Finish Pack” as well as two smaller packs. This will include new cars, events, trophies and items to be used in the game.

It obviously isn’t going to absolve DriveClub for the false start, but it does go someway to show that they do care that they stuffed up so badly. Many games that don’t work as they should certainly don’t. Oh, and hopefully we get that PS+ version before 2016, but that’s a different story altogether (well not altogether).


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