LEGO Batman: The Season Pass Gotham Needs (Maybe)

LEGO Batman 3

You know what the world needs right now, apart from Batman? More DLC Season Pass content. The glorious model that has you pay a fee before you know the quality of what you’re getting so that you pretend to enjoy it in any case. Okay, that might be a tad harsh because some DLC is great, but it still rings slightly true.

Next up on the season pass wagon is the upcoming LEGO Batman game. The DLC, which can also be bought separately, included in the season pass consists of 6 packs of content which brings new levels, story pieces and characters to the LEGO world. Now LEGO games are great fun but do they really need DLC?

The trailer below gives a glimpse of what you’ll be getting for the season pass which is likely to cost R150 – R200. Up to you if you think it’s worth it:

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