What Games Do You Regret Buying?

Shut up and give me back my money

I had an interesting internal conversation with myself on the bus trip back home late yesterday afternoon. The gist of it was about all the games I regret buying. Buyer’s remorse is very common, especially when you buy really expensive things, or give in to pressure for others. Then there’s FOMO and the hype train. Both of those are very bad for us gamers as it allows us to fall for games that we won’t necessarily enjoy. I’ve made that mistake quite a few times in the past, as I’m sure you have as well. This year is no different, but I feel victim to my own hype, rather than the hype from others and social media. I won’t bring up Destiny – though you’re more than welcome to – as I have a love/hate relationship with that game. What I do regret buying is Daylight, Watch Dogs and Knack (Ok, it wasn’t out this year, but I feel like including it). Daylight just dropped the ball big time and didn’t match the caliber of Outlast as an Indie Horror, and with so many issues the game really failed to impress me.

Watch Dogs, despite being a game that I’ve wanted to play from the second I heard about it, really wasn’t worth the money I spent. I bought the DEDSEC edition so I did manage to get some great stuff with it, but as a game, we were given a really stupid story. After finishing the game, I took a second to actually process everything that just happened. I won’t mention any spoilers, but there is an incredibly pointless ‘event’ that happens close to the end, as well as the insanely obvious revelation that hits Aiden’s sister just before the credits. Aiden’s also a bit of a prick. I like many parts of the game, but I unless I want to hack another player’s account online, I don’t see myself tackling that game anytime soon.

Then there’s Knack. This odd little kiddie game is so simple I managed to get bored with it three hours into the game. I have no intention of caring for the character, completing the game or finding where I left the disc. These are just a few of the games I regret buying this year (and just for the PS4, you don’t want to know what the PS3 version looks like).

What are some of your regretful purchases?

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