Will Destiny’s Expansion Improve the Game?

Destiny Dark Below

A lot has been said about Destiny. Some love it and can’t stop playing, while others absolutely hate it and want nothing to do with it, and of course there are those on the fence about it. So with the new expansion to the series there are a few questions going forward.

Firstly, will the expansion be more of the same resulting in the fencesitters remaining on the fence or will it turn them over one way or another? What about the haters? Perhaps the expansion will have enough to go on to make them realise just what Destiny has to offer going forward? Obviously for those that love the game it will be as you were with more to play and see.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what the first expansion does for the game which has had one of the most mixed responses in gaming history. In the build up to the release, below is a trailer showing some of the new content that will come with the expansion called “The Dark Below”. The expansion includes new story missions, crucible maps, raids and strikes, weapons and an updated level cap (32). Let us know what you think of it, and if you want, which camp you currently sit in.


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