Sony admits that PlayStation will save the company


For a good few years now Sony has been in some serious trouble. You can read all about their tough times here. To date they’ve placed their attention on TV and mobile, but they’ve now come to terms that the really golden goose is in fact the mighty PlayStation brand. It also helps that Kaz Hirai, previous boss of PlayStation, is now Sony CEO. They now plan to cut down on their TV and mobile market and place more focus on the PlayStation brand, hence our report that PlayStation Plus is a massive part of this strategy going forward (yes, we all win).

Hiroki Totoki, the man in charge of their mobile division, had this to say to Reuters:

[quote]We’re not aiming for size or market share but better profits[/quote]

And that’s where the PlayStation brand comes into play – profits. The PlayStation 4 is currently one of the fastest selling consoles ever and with the uptake on the PlayStation Plus service it’s become a money printer for the corporation. Expect their plans to take shape when E3 comes around next year. Also expect Sony to become VERY aggressive for marketshare in the gaming industry, more so than they ever have.

You can check our their financial targets here, which released yesterday.

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