New Pokémon Title Available For Free

Pokemon Uranium Version - SA Gamer

Wait a minute. Pokémon Uranium? There’s a new Pokémon title? Well, yes there is but it’s about as official as Cuba Gooding Jr. playing the role of Batman in the latest day time soap opera prestented by Disney and General Electric.

Pokémon Uranium is a fan-made Pokémon game that has been independently developed and funded over the past six years. The game’s fourth beta phase was recently released on PC and Mac.

Pokémon Uranium has 135 unique, unofficial Pokémon and takes place in the “Tandor Region”. This region is based on real locations such as Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and Venice and is set to have eight gyms for you to travel to fight your way to the top ranks of the Elite Championship. In addition to gym battles the protagonists, Vitor and Natalie also have to fight off corrupted Pokémon that are the product of a nuclear disaster and are breaking down the regions ecosystem.

Pokémon Uranium is available as a free download here.


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