Mortal Kombat X welcomes back Kitana, Kung Lao and Goro


The month of April is now so close that we can just about taste it and that means that Mortal Kombat X is just around the corner too. We recently reported on the return of Kung Lao to the Mortal Kombat arena, which is great news for fans of the character. Warner Bros. released the below video that showcases him along with an introduction for Kitana, who looks as deadly as ever, and Goro. Goro, however, can only we attained by pre-ordering.

If you have trouble handling excessive gore you might want to skip the below video. it’s as gruesome as you expect a Mortal Kombat game to get.

Mortal Kombat X launches on 14 April 2015 on PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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