Alien Isolation Sales Reach 1 Million


Last year had its fair share of survival horror games so it comes as no surprise that one of the more successful games has reached a sales milestone. Sega has just announced that Alien Isolation has just reached 1 million sales, that’s a massive amount of people who bought the game considering how terrible Alien: Colonial Marines was. Leagues better than its predecessor, Alien Isolation finally brought a good name to the failing video game section of the franchise. We’ve mentioned before that Creative Assembly have had discussions about a sequel to the game so hopefully Sega sees the 1 mil sales as a good point and allows them to carry on. Amanda’s journey shouldn’t end just yet – she still has to kill a queen Xenomorph!

On a side-note, the third DLC for Alien Isolation was recently published, so if you bought the season pass, you should download it sometime. The remaining two DLC’s will be published between now and March 2015.

Source: Game Informer

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