Myth Busters to take on video game myths


They’re now getting to a point where they’re running out of myths to bust. Now it’s time to take on the world of video games. First up is the FPS genre. To do this they’ll setup an area that represents Doom 3 BFG Edition. In this particular show the question will be:  “Is it possible for someone to lug around a half-dozen guns, grenades, a chainsaw and a bunch of health packs, while also fending off demons from Hell (or their closest equivalent)?”

Here’s what Bethesda has worked on with the Myth Busters folks:

With the ‘Video Games’ in the title it looks as if they plan to break more video game myths. Let’s hope they find that ‘all future Sonic games are going to be crap’ a myth. Though I suspect it’s quite true.

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