PlayStation Plus in February does not disappoint


Yesterday we released the Xbox Games with Gold titles for February, which has nothing to write home about, and now it’s Sony’s turn to once again show Microsoft how it’s done. There’s no AAA titles in lined up for the PS4, though some might consider one game just that in terms of its reception. Then there’s not one but two AAA games on PS3 and the PS Vita won’t let you down either. If ever there was a one year subscription service that was worth it it’s PS+, here’s what’s in store for you from next Wednesday afternoon (4 February).

Apotheon – PS4

God of War fans might like this game, not because of the brutality, but because of the Greek Mythology theme. In this 2D action adventure you might your way to Mount Olympus with spear, shield and sword in hand.

Transistor – PS4

Next up is Transistor, the game that’s been the subject of many ‘game of the year’ nominations in 2014. It’s a sci-fi themed action RPG which combined fast-paced action sequences along with more strategic sections. You could just about say it’s a AAA Indie title.

Thief – PS3

This stealth classic from Square Enix might be available on PS4, but it was originally intended for last generation systems, do you’ll not missing all that much. If a game that purely depends on stealth sounds good to you then Garrett’s next adventure will be a good fit for you.

Yakuza 4 – PS3

In this 4th Yakuza outing, that’s set in the criminal underground mob scene, you’ll be tasked to take control of several characters, not just one. Like previous Yakuza games it brings loads of action as well as adventure. This series after all the spiritual successor to Shenmue (Yes, that’s just me making myself feel better).

Rogue Legacy -PS Vita

Another 2D Action Adventure title that makes use of the famous ‘Metroid-vania’ play method whereby you unlock new abilities that gives you powers to access new areas of a massive networked map. As a knight you’ll use everything at your disposal… even farting. Yup, it does not take itself too serious, and neither should you. Just enjoy it.

Kick and Fennick – PS Vita

Think of the Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank duo and this here wants to mimic that recipe in a 2D sidescrolling world. The robot Fennick and Kick, the little boy, must battle the Core Tower to find Fennik’s energy core. Yup, story sounds lame, but it looks fun.

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