Rumour: PS4 and Xbox One slim to launch in 2015


Just recently we posted a rumour of the PS4 slim images that apparently leaked. How much truth there is to that is anyone’s guess. Something tells me those were definitely false. Now there’s more rumours surfacing. This time it comes from a Netflix representative. The Chief Product Officer at Netflix, John Hunt, said that Sony had “promised” to bring 4K-capable PS4’s to the market.

Since then Netflix has backed off from that comment, mentioning that they can’t speak on behalf of Sony’s plans. Forbes reports that that same representative at Netflix (John Hunt) “believes that when both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles do their traditional two-year hardware refresh (which would be due around October or November) they will add the necessary components to deliver 4K video playback”

Right now it’s all complete speculation and rumours, but there seems to be several PS4 and Xbox One slim rumours lately… so much so that it might just be quite true. In November the PS4 and Xbox One (internationally) would have been around for 2 years. I think it’s time for the slimmer version that does more and has early adopters frowning.

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