Resident Evil HD REMASTER Is A Hit


The HD remake of the Gamecube’s Resident Evil (which is a remake of the PS1 game) is selling like hotcakes on all platforms. According to a post of Game Informer, the game is the fastest selling digital title in North America and Europe – a pretty massive deal. Not only that, but according to Sony the game also broke the opening day record with the most downloads. No numbers were given sadly, but the words alone bring new hope to the franchise. It’s very clear that fans love the old school survival Resident Evil compared to the all out action of Resident Evil 6. The fact that it sold for R300 also definitely helped.

Hopefully Capcom is paying attention to the numbers and rectifies its mistake with the last two Resident Evil games. This should also give them some additional motivation as to why they should keep the franchise alive. Depending on how Resident Evil Revelations 2 is received, this could a turning point for the series. Let’s hope it turns out great. The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is out later this month. Will you be getting it?

If you’ve yet to see any Resident Evil HD REMASTER footage, check out the video below.

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