LoL team manager threatens to take house away from player’s mom


With all the money in eSports, compounded by young players, there are sure to be people looking to exploit these minors for a quick buck. Meet Your Makers League of Legends mid-laner Marcin “Kori” Wolski wanted to leave the team due to payment disputes, when his manager threatened to have his mother kicked out of her house.

Wolski dropped out of MYM days before the start of the League Championship Series, but returned two weeks later, apologising for being selfish. Then this recording was unearthed, a conversation between Wolski and team manager Sebastian “Falli” Rotterdam where Rotterdam threatens to take Wolski’s mom’s house away.

Rotterdam has since apologised and left MYM, but is that really enough? Hopefully Riot reacts to this, and that eSports in general set up systems to avoid players from being abused, harassed and exploited.

Source: Kitguru

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