Epic boss says VR won’t be another 3D TV fiasco


Going by our poll last week most people seem to be thinking the same – VR will be nice to try, but it’s a ‘wait and see’ approach. There’s still no idea on what the headset will set you back, though I’ll personally be surprised if it’s under R2500 at the very least. It’ll likely top that if I had to take a wild guess. Just a few years ago 3D TV was going to be THE NEXT BIG THING! Guess what? Like the latest curved TV nonsense it’s not all that, though I won’t lie, I have a personal love for games on a 3D TV. Yes, I’m in the minority. According to the Epic boss VR won’t be a fad and it is exactly what optimists are hoping for:

In an interview with Game Informer the Epic boss, Time Sweeney, said the following:

[quote]”Unless you are standing in one magical position, the moment you go beyond just a 2D image on a screen your brain circuits kick in that this is supposed to be reality and if it is not perfect it is incredibly jarring,” he said.

“With VR you are in that one magical position, your eyes are properly located relative to the screen so you have to control of each frame of the image for every viewer of the game which does not happen with a lot of people sitting in a theater and so it can be done perfectly.”

“These are human engineering parameters that will be improved over time,” he said. “I think we will be at a point where in ten years the quality of the hardware and the polish it has achieved will be so high that it will be genuinely indistinguishable from reality.”[/quote]

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