Titanfall sequel officially heading to PS4


There has been many rumours that the Titanfall sequel would eventually go multiplatform. When it’s on a console that’s not quite hitting sales as expect the move to other formats is a very obvious move one would think, but there was must hype and surprise last night when the co-founder, Vince Zampella, confirmed to IGN that the sequel will be heading multiplatform.

[quote]I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know anything about it, or… yeah. So we’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too.

Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform.[/quote]

He also mentioned that he loved Evolve’s style of making maps available for free (which might explain the sudden free maps for Titanfall on the Xbox One and Xbox 360).

[quote]I think that’s a fantastic way to do it. I think having the maps [released in paid] packs, splits the community and it makes it harder for matchmaking, it’s messy. I don’t know we won’t do it again, I can’t say that for sure, but the idea would be to do something different.[/quote]

There’s no word on whether there’ll be single player content this time round, though he did touch on the possibility.

[quote]As content creators you want to get into as many peoples’s hands as possible,” he continued. “We put some single-player elements in there though, and tried to mix it up. Maybe we could have mixed things up a bit better.

It’s tough, because if you hit people over the head with it it becomes intrusive, and there are people who don’t want or care about it. Where does the needle fall? I think it takes a while to figure that out.[/quote]

There you have it. It’s not official if you were not quite expecting it to happen. PS4 gamers will get to join in on some fantastic shooting fun when the sequel launches one day.

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