PlayStation brings Sony a quick R53 Billion in the last quarter



If you’re wondering if the PlayStation brand is doing as well as you might think then you can stop wondering right now. The PlayStation brand brought in £2.9 Billion (R53 Billion – when converted to Rand) to the Sony corporation. More than any other division. Obviously you should not mistake that with profits made, but it’s a great idea what revenue they’re making. Keep in mind that this is only the third quarter (4 months), ending 31 December 2014.

The PlayStation division grew by 16.8% year-on-year, selling 6.4 million PS4’s compared to 4.5 million a year prior. It’s not all good news. As you would imagine the PS3 is dipping in sales and the Vita is still struggling along. Sony also recently sold SOE to Columbus Nova, which means that, unlike last year, they did not have to write any money off.

Someone at Sony is not having a hard time falling asleep at night it seems.

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