Watch this Rainbox Six Siege gameplay before it gets pulled again


Rainbow Six Siege is currently in closed alpha and nobody is supposed to be posting footage of the game just yet, but we all know how people love doing what they are told not to do.

The video gives a pretty good look at how the game works, as well as a new map and how mechanics like waist-high cover and setting up barricades actually work.

Could this game be the next competitive multiplayer FPS, or is it going to head the way of Evolve? What we saw at E3 last year was impressive, but canned displays are made to look as amazing as possible.

The footage was already pulled from YouTube, so hopefully this video stays up long enough for people to get a taste of the next Rainbox Six game.

Rainbow Six Siege – Alpha New Map Gameplay by game-eXperience

Source: PC Gamer

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