Rumour: Guitar Hero plans to rock the PS4 and Xbox One


Looks like the battle of the Rock Bands are about to hit current generation consoles once more. Earlier this month we reported that Rockband 4 was officially heading to the PS4 and Xbox One. Can you imagine Activision giving Harmonix the market on a silver platter? Of course not. Now rumours are flying all over the show that there’s a new Guitar Hero in development and that we’ll get to hear about it in April.

The rumour broke on Neogaf via a quote from the web site, Game Reactor. The post has since been removed altogether, but as always the sneaky bunch at Neogaf were too quick and copied the below quote:

[quote]Activision seems to be ready to present a new Guitar Hero prior to E3 (plenty of rumours of a reboot have been circulating). At least this is what is being suggested by an invitation that was sent out by Activision to media representatives in Germany. The mail states that an event is scheduled for April 1st 2015 taking place in “Hamburg Rock City”. Among other things, the publisher would be happy if the journos would “rock the shack with us!” – a pretty clear indication that this is to do with a new music game and given the rumours of a new Guitar Hero…[/quote]

Could it be an April Fools in the making? We highly doubt it.

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