Xbox One price drop starts price war in the UK


Right now it’s only official in the UK and we hope this trickles down to South Africa too. The Xbox One has seen a price drop from £429 (about R7600) to £399.99 (about R7000) for the console that comes bundled with Kinect. The version without Kinect comes in at £299.99 (about R5300).  So we’re looking at a drop of roughly R500.  It’s been having a tough time to keep up with the sales of the PS4 and as with all generations in the past the battle will now be won by price wars and exclusive games.

If this is too little too late remains to be seen, but it’s nevertheless a step in the right direction where consumers are at the end all winners. In the UK the PS4 is currently selling for roughly £349.99, which will make this £299.99 price point (without Kinect) something that’ll have Sony keeping their eyes on the competition.

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