Just how healthy is the local game development scene?


I’m not one to boast that I know much about the local game development scene. My first bit of exposure took place last year when I attended Amaze and witnessed some of the local talent that resides here on our very shores. Since then we’ve been uploading some local content whenever we get the chance and some of you might recall a game called ‘Cadence‘ that just missed its Kickstarter goals. Just yesterday Make Games SA published a document that shed some light at where game development is in South Africa.

Nick Hall, the Chairman at Make Game SA, had this to say about 2014:

[quote]I’m excited by the growth that the industry has shown in a year, and hope our developers can build on the success of 2014. Building on the success of last year’s survey, we’ve managed to reach out to more organisations and get better, more in-depth data about the state of the industry.[/quote]

In all there are currently 40 active game development studios (who responded to the survey) and have created 253 jobs. That’s an increase by 5% year-on-year. The value is at an impressive R53 million, which is a growth of 82%, and in 2014 a total of 67 games were released. On the downside the developers are made up of only 12% female and 10% non-white developers. Hopefully those are numbers that can be improved on for the future, but overall it looks as if local game development is slowly heading in the right direction.

Be sure to check out the complete document as there are fairly interesting details that might surprise you, and if you’re someone who’s looking at heading in that direction it’s something you really should be making yourself familiar with. An industry with 82% growth in a year? I think it is time to start paying attention to what is happening here in our backyard.

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