There’s a new DiRT game… that you can buy right now


In an age where everything is hyped beyond rational understanding it’s feels quite weird to see a game launch from a big studio without any warning. Codemasters released DiRT Rally over the weekend and it’s exclusive to PC via early access on Steam. Gone are the annoying ‘American’ influence and in its place you now have a rally simulation. Praise the Racing Gods!

Right n0w there are only 17 cars available for selection and 36 tracks to race on in three locations (Wales, Monte Carlo, Acropolis). Seeing that Codemasters have now gone the ‘simulation’ route you can expect all the arcade elements, since the original DiRT, to drop from the franchise. Rewinds have been completely removed. Why? The emphasis is on endurance. You’re challenged to race at breakneck speeds and looking after the car through to the finish line, no matter the damage

There’ll also be no micro-transactions, though there are plans for DLC that’ll be free of charge. Have a look at what you can download right now:

In an interview with Eurogamer, who had early hands-on with the game, they noted that there will likely be console versions that will be a more complete product. They’re keeping the name ‘DiRT 4’ for that day. For now however it’s exclusive to PC.

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