Piracy invades the PS4


When a console has been pirated it’s probably the worst thing on earth for a console manufacturer to hear. I’ve always been under the impression (personally) that the console that can easiest be pirated sells best and actually makes good money, though the Dreamcast shatters those thoughts. Well, the PS4 has finally been hacked in Brazil, and it’s running rampant.

Journalists in Brazil, UOL Jogos, discovered exactly how this works and tested it for themselves. What happens is that custmomers take their console to a small electronic store in downtown São Paulo whereby they pay $300-$400 and receive a dump of a “legit” account, which comes with 10 games. It’s under assumption that they also dump the NAND/BIOS. How does this work?. They activate the PS4 for a specific account and make a full copy of its state/NAND. Then they deactivate it, copy the backed-up NAND again. UOL Jogos mentions that their console ended up with 2 registered accounts, which is part of the cloning process, and is required for the games to work.


Once that process is over customers are charged $100 for 10 games or $15 per game. Sony are yet to respond to this new hacking mechanism. Previously people took advantage of the ‘sharing system’ to make it work, which Sony jumped on right away. It’s also rumoured that this really started in Russia. So, don’t be surprised if you head to your local flea market and find something similar taking place locally.

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