The Evil Within’s Final DLC Is Coming Out Soon


If you enjoyed the two-part DLC that covered Juli Kidman’s side of The Evil Within, then it’s time you get ready for The Executioner. It’s the final piece of downloadable content and features a new protagonist, the mean Keeper man that haunts you in the main game. According to the new teaser trailer for the game, it’ll be out on 26 May 2015. However, that date might be for the US. If that is the case, we’ll get ours on the 27th.

Interestingly enough, the game changes from the usual third-person perspective to first-person. It’s clear that this will be the most action packed part of the game, so the change does make sense. You’ll no doubt have access to The Keeper’s normal weapons – the metal mallet and the spiked sack full of heads – but it looks like you’ll have access to new weapons like the chainsaw.

Word of warning though, the last two DLCs each came with massive updates and were large downloads themselves, so I’m expecting the same thing for this game.

Here’s the video:

I R 'Kaal'gat Kyle!

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