Update: Thousands of H1Z1 Cheaters Are Banned, Forever


Update: Since this post those who cheated have made apologies on YouTube. We thought we’d list a few for you to laugh at. Watch them all try pass the buck.

Original: Video game companies are no longer sitting by watching people abuse and cheat their way through a game. The latest game to receive a cheater cull is the zombie MMO H1Z1. Day Break Company, the creators of the game, are cracking down on cheaters who are using the “extrasensory perception” hack, which allows them to see detailed information about other players, thus giving them an advantage in the field. According to the studio president,  John Smedley, 24 837 people have been caught and permanently banned from playing the game.

Here are a few tweets from Smedley:

Naturally the banned people wanted forgiveness (because it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission these days) and Smedley was not having it.


Now, I’m sure these hackers are smart enough to find their way back into the game, but the zero tolerance attitude from Day Break Company is a highly welcomed one.

Source: IGN

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