There Will Be A Bloodborne Expansion


The Bloodborne craze has died down a little, especially after Mortal Kombat X and The Witcher 3, but it might make a powerful comeback now that we know an expansion is in the works. Details are scarce, but its existence was confirmed by the President of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida. Absolutely no other details have been mentioned – boo – but E3 is quite literally less than a month away, so why spill any juicy information now? At least I hope they’ll mention something at E3…

Bloodborne itself is so intricate that you can play the game over and over and notice something you’ve never noticed before. As tough as it was, I couldn’t stop playing the game. Although not much is known, I am very pleased to hear an expansion is coming. I’d love to dive back into the world of Yarnham and remind myself why love that bleak and horrifying place.

What say you? Are you happy to go back and play some new content?


I R 'Kaal'gat Kyle!

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