Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition coming to PS4


Another week another remastered game. What is this already? Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition has been confirmed for PS4. Nordic Games confirmed to Gamespot that the game is in development for the current generation console. It originally appeared on Amazon, but was since then pulled. The source at Nordic Games mentioned that “the authenticity of the listing is unquestionable” on Amazon.

They did not want to speak about the game in further detail and merely confirmed that it’s in development for the PS4, which means we’ll likely see this on the Xbox One too. Darksiders 2 was a hit with critics and also released as a complete edition, that included all the DLC, at launch for the Wii U. We expect this HD version will include all the DLC, along with some graphical improvements.

How do you feel about all these remastered games? Is enough now enough? Or are you glad you’re getting to play games you missed out on i the last generation?

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