PS4 Gets Exclusive Batman Content

Arkham exclusive content

I am never quite sure where I stand on exclusive content for games. On one hand I feel it alienates fans of a game as the same content isn’t available to all, plus it makes making a decision a bit more difficult. On the other hand, it makes good business sense and rewards loyal fans of one console over the other. Either way you look at it, exclusive content is here to stay.

The latest to introduce exclusive content is next month’s Batman release which will have some extra special little bits added to it if you decide to get the PS4 version of the game. The content is limited to some extra skins (which do look pretty awesome) and some Scarecrow missions to keep you busy with on the side.

It’s a decent inclusion as extra content, and it does appear to be a timed exclusive thing so hopefully everyone gets the option at some stage. To check it out have a look at the trailer below:

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