Upcoming DLCs for the Witcher 3 leaked, good news for Gwent players


If you have been playing The Witcher 3, you already know that CD Projekt Red has been giving away 2 pieces of DLC every week as their way of thanking us for buying their game and it’s these kinds of gestures that really endears them to the gaming community. The DLCs haven’t been bad so far; a quest here, an armour set there; but there hasn’t been anything that really made me feel that I needed to jump onto the PlayStation store and download it right that second. Until now that is.

It seems that SteamDB has leaked the DLC that is scheduled for release in week 4 and if you are partial to playing a few rounds of Gwent, you will be pleased to know that a free deck of cards is headed your way. The DLC is listed as the Ballad Heroes’ Neutral Gwent Card Set but it seems that the entire internet is devoid of any information about the cards contained therein so how it will match up to any of current decks is anyone’s guess.

Usually I find the mini-games in open-world titles to be a decent way to kill a bit of time but they usually become quite stale after a while and I tend to ignore them for the majority, if not the entirety, of the game. The Witcher 3‘s Gwent is the first game that I actively seek out and play at every possible opportunity and I have become so obsessed with collecting the cards that I’m starting to treat the main game like a side-activity. I have been enjoying it so much that it has even caused me to look at joining the Collectible Card Game trend. Side note: I asked our very own in-house Wookie for his advice on where to start and he was extremely helpful so feel free to bombard him with questions about CCGs. Don’t worry, he won’t mind.

The other leaked DLC is entitled “Fools Gold” which sounds like it could be another side-quest similar to the “Missing Miners” DLC but let’s be honest; you came here for the Gwent news.

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