E3 Hype Time – Your Local Schedule!


Another day closer to E3 and this is the one post you are going to want to bookmark for the expo. Below you will find the date and times for all the major conferences. I have included a few twitch links where I can and others should hopefully be updated closer to the time. Make sure you keep a note and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Bethesda – 15 June 2015, Monday at 04:00 (am)

Bethesda kick things off this year in what is technically Sunday in the USA. It’s an early Monday morning kick-off this side and should be a tasty show.

Bethesda Twitch

Microsoft – 15 June 2015, Monday at 18:30

Microsoft are up next at what is easily the best time slot for us here in South Africa. It’s just after work and barring a bit of Eskom Loadshedding should have you nice and comfy in front of your screen.


EA – 15 June 2015, Monday at 22:00

EA up next and while their shows have been a little bit disappointing the last few years this one is looking a lot more promising with some big games being shown. It might just be the one to watch?

EA Twitch

Ubisoft – 16 June 2015, Tuesday at 12:00(am) (It’s Tuesday early morning for anyone confused)

Ms Aisha Tyler returns to throw more profanities your way while introducing a bunch of new games from the peeps at Ubisoft. We know Assassin’s Creed will be there, but what else? Time will tell.

Ubisoft Twitch

Sony – 16 June 2015, Tuesday at 03:00(am)

Probably the worst time slot… EXCEPT this year Tuesday is a public holiday so you actually have no excuse not to stay up and watch it this year. Who knows when you will have the opportunity to watch a Sony conference again, best make use of the day off.


Nintendo – 16 June, Tuesday at 18:00

Nintendo return with another digital presentation for E3. It promises to have lots of wacky and hopefully a lot of surprises too.

Nintendo Twitch

Square Enix – 16 June, Tuesday at 19:00

Squeenix surprised us all by announcing that they were going to throw their hat into the ring with a conference of their own, and word has it that they have a great deal to show, it’s going to be interesting.

Square Enix Twitch

PC Game Conference – 17 June, Wednesday at 02:00(am)

Another newcomer to the E3 experience is the PC show. It’s another early morning but hopefully you’ve taken the week off and can check out the show which is said to be about 3 hours long.

PC Twitch


That’s your schedule for E3. As I said earlier shout with any questions you might have, let us know which conferences you will be watching and which you won’t. It’s almost time!

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