FFVII Remake could differ from the original


Sony had everybody’s engine running hot when they announced at their E3 conference that they were working on a remake for the much beloved Final Fantasy VII. What many fans may be disappointed with however, is that there is a chance that the final product may not be quite the same as they remember.

When asked if the remake would be exactly the same as the original or if they would be adding new elements, Director Tetsuya Nomura had this to say:

We’ve announced an HD port version on the PlayStation 4, and then we have the remake coming to PS4. You’ll have this extremely, very, very pretty FFVII existing on the same plane. We feel that if that happens, it’s like, why have the same exact game?

We think that if a game is on a certain platform and that platform becomes obsolete, then we’d recommend playing the new port version.

Very little else is known about the Final Fantasy remake at this point other than the fact that we know that they are working on it. As a FF virgin, I have been told numerous times that FFVII was the best jumping off point for newcomers to the series and the remake gives me a chance to do just that but on a nice and shiny current-gen console.


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