There are no QTEs in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

Quick Time Events are definitely high on my list of least favourite mechanics of all time. Sure, there are a few games that have managed to make good use of them but for the most part, it just feels like a poor way of making a cut-scene interactive. Producer Tetsuya Nomura stated in an interview with Dengeki that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not make use of QTEs (or “action commands” as he calls them) and will rely on good timing instead.

In regards to supplementing the gameplay, we have removed the Reaction Commands in Kingdom Hearts III. QTE (Quick Time Event. Actions that execute at the touch of a button according to when it displays on screen) isn’t there anymore. For people who have seen the “flashy” battles in Kingdom Hearts II, it felt like there were too many of them when doing these operations.

While removing the elements of QTE in Kingdom Hearts III, being referred to as flashy battles, we are making it more challenging. All actions will be based on good or favorable timing. 

It’s rare to come across games that do QTEs well and even though they are meant to make the dramatic moments more interactive, I feel that adding them into boss battles and the like can cheapen the experience. That’s why I’m glad to see that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be focusing on fast reactions rather than a lazy staple of far too many recent titles.

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