Could there be a new Burnout in the works?


Remember Burnout? The crazy racing game that had you flying down the wrong side of the road at breakneck speeds destroying everything in your path? It might be on its way back. According to a Producer, Pete Lake, at Criterion they have “something amazing” to reveal. Head to Criterion’s official web site right now and you’ll see an official published interview which displays the following:

[quote]…working on a couple of super-secret things that I can’t talk about yet. But we’ll have something amazing to reveal soon…![/quote]

You might recall an extreme sports racer being shown off at E3 2014? We don’t think he’s referring to that as he mentioned ‘things’, which points to more than one project they’re working on. Also, that project has already been revealed to the world. Be sure sure to take this bit of hope with a pinch or two of salt, but there could be a new Burnout on its way.

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